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Salary and Benefits Survey

    Welcome NEPA SHRM Members!

    NEPA SHRM Salary and Benefits Survey

    … powered by WageAccess®

    NEPA SHRM has partnered with WageAccess® to provide you with current and accurate salary and benefits survey results at an extremely competitive price.

    Annual Subscription for only $349!

    For only $349 per year (discounted from $599) participants who have submitted data to the survey are able to purchase an annual WageAccess® survey subscription.

    The annual survey results are updated quarterly and provide a comprehensive set of descriptive statistics and trends for more than 900 benchmark positions. The survey includes an extensive variety of compensation analysis tools, quartile analysis, percentile ranking, an examination of pay practices, as well as the ability to query, select and filter survey results by geographic location (region, state and local market areas), industry, annual revenue and/or number of employees.

    Benefits Survey Results For Free!

    The survey also includes free access to the Benefits Survey Results. Participants in the Benefits Survey can view an extensive variety of survey results and trends for health and welfare, retirement and fringe benefits.

    Participate in the Survey

    If you have not yet participated in the survey, it's not too late. Since the WageAccess® survey results are updated quarterly, your data can still be included with the next update. Click here to sign-up now!

    Important … Please use the Special Promotion Code when signing up.

    When signing up for the survey, please use the special promotion code that you received in your email invitation. For more information about the survey, contact us at (866) 926-9400 or

    Participants who do not use this special promotion code when signing up for the survey will not have access to the reduced annual survey pricing.

    To sign-up for the NEPA SHRM Salary and Benefits Survey, click here.

    To learn more about the WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey, click here.

    To view an interactive demonstration of WageAccess®, click here or call (866) 926-9400.