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NEPA SHRM welcomes new member, Carolyn Boone

    December 20, 2022

    NEPA SHRM Welcomes Carolyn Boone!

    Learn more about NEPA SHRM's new member, Carolyn Boone...

    What are your favorite hobbies?

    Crafting (crochet, embroiderty, vinyl work) including working craft events.

    Why did you choose a career in Human Resources? 

    I love to work with people.  Making a difference in their lives by helping them to grow both personally and professionally.  Managing the recruiting process and bringing in top talent.

    What is your current job / career?

    Human Resources Manager

    What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

    Starting a non-profit organization and helping where I can during COVID.

    How long have you been a member of NEPA SHRM?

    I am a new member of NEPA SHRM since October 2022!

    Why did you chose to renew your membership?

    I want to make sure I meet people in the field that can continue to help me grow my knowledge and I can one day do the same.  Staying up to date with the most current laws and regulations..