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NEPA SHRM welcomes renewing member, Becky Clouse-Mickey

    May 18, 2022

    NEPA SHRM Welcomes Becky Clouse-Mickey!

    Learn more about NEPA SHRM's renewing member, Becky Clouse-Mickey...

    What are your favorite hobbies?

    My hobbies include volunteering at our church and with my kids’ youth sports (soccer and baseball).  I help wherever needed from coaching to team mom and love nothing more than cheering them on!

    Why did you choose a career in Human Resources? 

    As a psychology major, I’ll always be fascinated by people.  HR gave me the unique opportunity to blend my entrepreneurial spirit/business sense with the love of people.  I really enjoy getting to know the business and how having the best people strategy can help the business to grow.

    What is your current job / career?

    I am currently Vice President, Talent and Associate Relations at Benco Dental.  I’ve ‘grown up Benco’ as I like to say, with the majority of my HR career being at Benco Dental.  I lead the team responsible for hiring and placing people in their best job fit, planning for succession, and handling all associate relations concerns while partnering with the business.

    How long have you been a member of NEPA SHRM?

    I have been a member of NEPA SHRM for over 3 years, since dual enrollment with national SHRM.

    Why did you chose to renew your membership?

    I chose to renew my NEPA SHRM membership so I can stay connected to the local HR community.  I enjoy giving back by helping to coordinate use of the Benco facilities, joining or even participating in some of the continued education series as well.  Additionally, it’s now easy to renew both SHRM and NEPA SHRM at once which is great