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NEPA SHRM welcomes our newest member Erin Knight!

    February 22, 2021

    NEPA SHRM Welcomes Erin Knight!

    Learn more about NEPA SHRM's newest member, Erin Knight...

    What are your favorite hobbies?

    I greatly enjoy taking my dog, Carl, for long walks.  This past summer, I went hiking to the Catskills and Adirondacks - it is a new hobboy, but I am excited to explore more mountains!  Before COVID-19, I would attend Hot Yoga classes and go to the gym daily.  I discovered the Cricut Maker which feeds my artistic side.  When I am looking to relax, I will turn on Audibel and listen to a book.  My hobbies are always evolving!

    Why did you choose a career in HR?

    I am a people person.  I greatly enjoy helping others.  I have two degrees, one in Health Care Administration from The University of Scranton and an MBA from West Chester University.  I chose business related fields to keep my options open.  I never planned on a career in Human Resources.  It goes to show, some of the best things that happen in life are not planned.  I am currently studying for my SHRM-CP Certification which I am hoping to receive in early 2021.  My fiest experience in Human Resources is where I am today - a Human Resources Specialist for MyCIL (Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living) / ACES$ Financial Management Service.  I work for such an incredible organization with a powerful mission and I work with talented and influential leaders.

    What is your current job / career?

    I am a Human Resources Specialist at MyCIL (Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living) / ACES$ Financial Management Services located in Scranton, PA.

    What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

    My greatest personal accomplishment would be my understanding of Human Resources through workplace experience and books.  I am humble to say that there is so much more I need to learn, but I am proud of myself for leaning into a career in a field that I had no previous education or training.  Although I did not take the SHRM-CP exam just yet, I know once I do in 2021 it will be my greatest personal accomplishment.