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Getting Talent Back to Work - Take the Pledge!

    May 31, 2019

    Join NEPA SHRM in pledging to provide opportunities to qualified people with a criminal record, deserving of a second chance.  Take the pledge here.

    In the immediate wake of the First Step Act becoming law, improving rehabilitation and re-entry opportunities for thousands of incarcerated men and women, leaders in the business community are uniting and Getting Talent Back To Work. Joining a coalition of diverse businesses that represents a major portion of the American workforce, I pledge to getting talent back to work. I commit to give opportunities to qualified people with a criminal background, deserving of a second chance. Because of this commitment, I will have access to SHRM’s Getting Talent Back to Work Toolkit to refine and enhance our organizational hiring policies. I commit to creating opportunity and successful outcomes for everyone — including employers, all employees, customers, and our communities.