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NEPA SHRM Privacy Policy

    NEPA SHRM respects and takes reasonable steps to protect the privacy of its members and visitors who access this website.

    You may be asked to provide personal information on this website or in connection with NEPA SHRM membership or services, such as when completing a new or renewal membership application.  Personal information is not collected unless you know about it and willingly provide it. 

    Personal information may include name, home and work addresses, email address, phone number, employer, and other information that is not publicly available.  Non-public personal information collected on this site is available only to NEPA SHRM’s Board of Directors for the purpose requested and legitimate reasons related to SHRM business and membership services.  For example, personal information may be used periodically to send members information, such as newsletters, updates, seminar invitations and meeting reminders.

    NEPA SHRM does not sell, and generally does not provide access to, personal information of its members or visitors to third-parties.  In limited circumstances, access to public information may be provided with consent or as required by law.   

    NEPA SHRM may update or revise this policy at any time.  Any questions regarding this policy can be directed to NEPA SHRM at